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Through constant research, trial and error, and consistent training, we craft a strategy that delivers results for your business. Performing a technical SEO audit of your site, we use industry-leading tools and identify your site’s optimization issues which include a number of items such as duplicate content, title tags and meta tags, broken links, page speed issues, and a slew of other areas that search engines use to determine the strength or your site.

After consulting with your company, we identify the highest-value keywords for your industry and your business in particular. We then strategize and craft the pages of your website to reflect the words and phrases that people are using to search. We add these keywords and phrases to your site content, headers, title, and meta tags and anywhere that is appropriate to make sure that you are getting the results that we are expecting.

Every Digital Marketing Agency SAYS they can rank your site, BUT…can they prove it?

See our proof below!



Rise higher and appear sooner in rankings when people search for products or services related to your company. Our SEO experts monitor rankings and respond accordingly to keep your business at the top of Google’s rankings.


With top-quality links, creative content, and intentional marketing, we’ll build a campaign that organically pushes traffic to your site and promotes interest in your services or products.


It’s a fact, first page rankings increase leads.  Get your business on Google’s first page, and you will have more leads.


We help grow your online presence and increase your total revenue. More traffic leads to more leads which leads to more business.

Case Study: West Palm Plumbing Pros

Here we go!

There are over 100 plumbing companies in the West Palm Beach area. And we decided to TEST our SEO skills by creating a FICTITIOUS plumbing company “located” in West Palm Beach in one of the most competitive industries in SEO, the plumbing industry.

How did we do?

After 1 month, as expected, no results.  After 2 months, still no results, but that’s normal.  Even after 3 months, nothing.  Again, this is standard in the SEO world as results typically start showing in months 4 though 6.

5 months go by and, BINGO!  We start ranking. In months 6 and 7, we really start making some progress.  And REMEMBER, this company does not really exist!

And now it gets exciting…

In the following months these are the results we started having:

Searching for Plumber in West Palm Beach returned over 37,000,000 results with us being at the top of page 2!

But wait, it gets better!

People also search for Plumber in WPB and we ranked at # 6 on page 1!

It gets even better!

When people need an EMERGENCY plumber they will often search for Emergency Plumber in West Palm Beach

This ranking lasted for about 5 months at #1!

And remember, this plumbing company doesn’t even exist!

OR, how about an Emergency Leak Repair West Palm Beach…

We eventually did make it to the first page with one of the most competitive search terms: Plumber in West Palm Beach

How about water heater repair?  YEP!

So, how did we do overall?  Check it out…

Over 44 Keyword Phrases on Page 1!

Not bad for a plumbing company… that doesn’t exist!

So, you may ask, did you receive any phone calls? A few…

So, if we can be that successful with a fictitious plumbing company, imagine what we can do with a REAL company!

Experiment #1 was a SUCCESS!  Now to move on to experiment #2…

Experiment #2 was Simple:

Do Nothing! Let’s see what happens if we do NOTHING to the site.  Will it keep its rankings?  Will they fall?  Well, here’s what happened…

As you can see, the rankings really dropped!

Although, page 2 isn’t really that bad considering it is STILL ranking above a hundred other plumbers!

Lets just look at one more… 

So, what did we learn from these experiments?

SEO is not a one-time or even a seasonal service. Keeping websites at the top of Google’s results is an ongoing, consistent, uphill battle, that takes patience, practice, and most of all, an expertise set of skills that are learned over time and persistent hard work.

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